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The Binsar retreat- a unique Himalayan forest experience

The Binsar Retreat is known for its ecological tourism and stunning Himalayan and forest views, and is situated at a  height of 7500 feet  30 kms NE of Almora in Kumaon.The retreat  is in the core area of Binsar wildlife sanctuary, and comprises five luxury tents(2 of them are twin bedded) with modern amenities: attached bath( with running cold water & hot water provided on request), wooden floors, solar power backup(for the whole night we provide lanterns), traditional textiles, private verandah with flower garden and three Himalaya facing rooms  with the same facilities as the tents. All the accommodation located different location.

The philosophy of the Retreat is to care for and conserve nature and to provide our guests with an experience in the forest which emphasizes on the importance of conserving the delicate balance between man and nature. People from the urban environment have forgotten how to relate to our natural habitat, to respect and nurture it. The retreat endeavors is to propagate this concept and to bring about awareness as to how fragile and precious our natural resources are in this age of global warming.


There are many trek routes for jungle walks and trekking depending on the interest of the guests, bird watching with expert guides, village walks to see typical village life (village stay also available on prior request), and Traditional folk music & dance programs. Please avoid Binsar, if you are looking a commercial place and luxury amenities.