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Van Serai – Where Time Stands Still

Van Serai is in Jageshwar, a lodge with lovely local character, comforts, and spirituality. Shiva Temples and Deodar Forest are the highpoints of this place. The deodar trees rise high above the rocky hills.  Watch birds play hide and seek among the tall trees. The Brown Dipper and the whitecapped redstart are often spotted. A stream gurgles gently, meandering down below Van Serai hotel. A short but steep walkway takes you to the serene refuge.

A breath of calm, Van Serai is the ideal place to find your peace. With an attractively designed Yoga and meditation room, you can relax in the still surroundings and connect with the inner you. Yoga in the Himalayas at Van Serai is a dreamlike experience. The Host holds many sacred walks. Meditation and Hatha Yoga Programs making it an ideal destination for Hatha Yoga Retreats in the Himalayas.

The Jageshwar temple is but a kilometer away. Temples in Jageshwar are forever surrounded by the sounds of prayers and pious rendition. Hindu temples in the Himalayas have their own distinct spiritual rhythm. The temples of this mountain haven are no exception. Known for its devout atmosphere Jageshwar is blessed by Lord Shiva himself. Visit the VridhJageshwar temple and JhankarSaim for an out of the world experience. The Dandeshwar temple is but a 10 minutes’ walk from Van Serai.

Van SeraiLodge delivers on each promise. Comfortable rooms, all amenities, and style that harmonizes with the music of the terrain. The quiescent resort stands only disturbed by the chirps of the mountain birds, the rustle of the tall trees and the dance of gentle sunlight.



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