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Evolution Hatha Yoga Retreat

The Evolution Yoga Retreats in the Himalayas helps rediscover oneself rough the ancient and traditional discipline of Yoga, which encompasses all aspects of life in order to balance mind, body and spirit. This Himalayan Yoga Retreat nurtures and enhances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities in a simple, effective and practical manner through the time proven approaches of Hatha yoga, Meditation and Kriya yoga. Come enjoy the healing powers of Hatha Yoga at one of the most serene location of Jageshwar.

Our Yoga Retreat including an ancient technique – body cleansing practice, which helps to prepare the body for asana, pranayama and meditation practice. Throughout your classes you will learn how to purify your physical and emotional body through intensive breathing techniques, reach inner concentration, and connect with your soul.

Our high-qualified teachers happy to share with you all their experience and helps you to get your own. Evolution Yoga Retreat offers custom yoga and meditation retreats for those looking for a short term and authentic experience.

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